Stainless Low Voltage Transformer

  • IP65 Water-proof
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
Wattage:  50/100/150/300/600W
Input Voltage:  120V
Output Voltage: 12-15V
Finish: Silver

Products Details

Item NO. Wattage Input Voltage Output Voltage Power Dimension Primary Protection
A2501-50W 50W 120VAC 12-15VAC 50W  5.63" *  10.5" *  5" 4.16 AMP breaker
A2501-100W 100W 120VAC 12-15VAC 100W  5.63" *  10.5" *  5" 8.33 AMP breaker
A2501-150W 150W 120VAC 12-15VAC 150W  5.63" *  10.5" *  5"  12.5 AMP breaker
A2501-300W 300W 120VAC 12-15VAC 300W  6.5" * 16.5" *  6" 25 AMP breaker
A2501-600W 600W 120VAC 12-15VAC 600W  6.5" * 16.5" *  6" 50 AMP breaker
FEATURES  ●Quick Mount Bracket ●Sealed removable lockable hinged door ● Pre-scored knockouts sides and bottom panel ●Tool less removable bottom panel Benefits   ●With primary protection of the circuit breaker ●With Fully Encapsulated Toroid Core ●With 12-15VAC, which can adjust the voltage drop APPLICATION ●For landscape spot lights, pathways lights, step lights, hardscape lights ●All the 12V led lights for outdoor use SPECIFICATION     "What is a low voltage transformer--Low voltage transformers is the key part of the whole landscape lighting system. The conversion will be depended on the efficiency of the transformer control, and how much extra energy will be consumed. Nowadays, the transformers are all with multi-taps low voltage ones and equipped with high quality toroidal cores which are proved to be very efficient. The electrical box is made of steel which is water-proof and anti-corrosion. What are the different types of low voltage transformers? Magnetic transformers are using two coils to complete the voltage conversion. One of the coils will carry the line voltage from 108-132V. After going through the primary coil, the electricity will create a current in the secondary coil. Electronic transformers are drop the volt from 120V to 12volt by increasing the frequency from 60Hz to 20,000Hz. By using this design, the core can be small which is also not very expensive. But if choose an electronic transformers, it must be confirmed that the total wattage of your lights should not exceeding 80% of the transformer’s capacity.But if for landscape use, considering the voltage drop, we will suggest the magnetic ones more than the electronic ones. But if all the lights are within a short distance, electronic ones will also work out



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